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From a garage to one of the fastest growing companies

in the United States.

Royal Flagship affords a highly connected retail network to its partners and clients, offering a wide variety of opportunity and serving as the major catalyst to growth for many leading retail products today.


As creators and brand owners themselves, the founders of Royal Flagship experienced firsthand the ever-growing yet fragmented retail industry and saw the opportunity to outcompete other companies less suited to industry disruption. Born out of necessity and driven by the relentless determination to support the brands and products represented by Royal Flagship, the network offers a unique opportunity for support within a ever growing competitive landscape.

Company offices in Seattle, Boston and London provide

countrywide and European expansion capabilities.


Royal Flagship provides opportunity for both growth and management within five major areas of retail – brick and mortar retail, online, international, capital and licensing. The major hubs allow for streamlined access for retail expansion efforts in the United States and Europe. Access to Royal Flagship's network allows for speed and operational excellence in a competitive retail world.