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The most advanced tool to

predict retail markets, ever.

The Flagship Index is an advanced retail algorithm that integrates with dynamic retail, advertisement, search demand and supply chain data to make the best decisions for your product or brand.

The Flagship index is the only retail API that predicts future opportunity, separates peak traffic from organic traffic and integrates real time data from advertisement cost, supply chain complexity and brick and mortar demand in addition to online traffic. Spend less time managing your supply chain during peak season and stop trying to guess the most profitable growth markets for your brand or product.

Determine your next big move

Curated retail data from Amazon, Big Box, International Markets, Google and Social media channels, providing a comprehensive view of your customer in the present and the future. Attack high opportunity markets and categories before your competitors do.


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Dynamic market evaluation

Avoid saturated markets and expensive categories with dynamic costing filters, including key word bidding, competitor quality and market poise metrics, all designed to make your advertisement spend hit the highest opportunity markets at the best time.

Scale your business efficiently

Determine peak volume for your product or brand and minimize out of stock or over-fulfillment rates with integrated demand metrics that project organic demand from growth demand based on anticipated marketing aggression.