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Royal Flagship is a Top 5000 Amazon retailer with management services across the US and EU. The online team also includes a full suite marketing and development team that can handle all of your direct to consumer needs such as website development and management, back end fulfillment and advertisement optimization.

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Retailers are always looking for new and innovative products to offer to their customers. Our connections span from big box retail, grocery, hardware, general, gift, travel, bookstore and discount store groups. Our team will pitch your products to lead buyers and represent your brand at dozens of shows that Royal Flagship and its associates attend to ensure maximum exposure.  

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The EU and UK are the fastest growing and highest opportunity retail markets in the World. Royal Flagship operates a regional distribution facility in London that acts as an international distribution hub and bridge to the wider global market.

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Scaling a business takes time. That’s why we partnered with venture capital and banks to secure millions in funding for small business innovators that have the next big idea to disrupt retail. We are always looking to collaborate with passionate creators and visionaries who have the burning desire to change the World.

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Offering your product to NCAA, professional and entertainment markets can be the perfect expansion plan. Royal Flagship recently acquired Campus Launchpad to spearhead licensing opportunities for all of our clients.

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If you can think of it, we can distribute it. We pride ourselves in having unique access to nearly every retail pipeline across the World. If accepted, a Royal Flagship brand manager will ensure the Flagship Network is fully utilized for your brands specific needs.